Move along paper and pen, here is an app that could entirely replace you when it comes to learning new languages. The Flashcard Deluxe is an awesome study tool to have in your smartphone as it gives you the convenience of being able to study anywhere, anytime without having to bring anything extra. This app was created by Ernest Thomason of and is one of the best flashcard apps I have seen thus far.

The one thing I particularly like with Flashcards Deluxe is its interface with (and which makes it a convenient, powerful yet incredibly cheap ($3.99) iPhone/iTouch/iPad flashcard application for language (or any other subjects) learning. You can download flashcard decks that other people created as well as share your own notes.

There are two advanced study modes:

-          short term Goal

-          Spaced Repetition

This will help to control the pace of your studying.

3 response levels which are:

-          Wrong

-          I kind of know

-          I know really well

that allows you to keep practicing the cards you need to and skip the ones you know well.

Your cards can have multiple sides for more information if needed which is great to add example sentences to put words into context.

Many more features including:

-          text to speech audio

-          spelling tests

-          pictures and sounds

-          decks combining

-          option to create categories and folders

-          option to move and copy cards between decks

There are so many things you could do with this app and most importantly, learn with this powerful study tool. Download the lite version now to try out!