Growing up, I have attended both private and public schools at various stages of my life. Private schools are often associated with privilege, the extensive array of curriculum available and the perception of children achieving beyond expectations. Public schools on the other hand are the generally more accepted option due to its affordability, wide availability and often the common choice that we as parents have.

As a parent, I wonder about the type of curriculum and school that is suitable for my child. I worry about how my peers would judge me for the decisions I make and whether my child will be socially accepted by her peers should she switch from private to public schools as I’ve had when I was a child. Being in a foreign country makes this even harder.

One fine day, during a luncheon with fellow parents, it occurred to me that many have enrolled their children in a government school. Not only was cost a major deciding factor, but the confidence and trust that they had in the local teaching system was unsurmountable.

I can still remember Susan’s (not her real name) story of her son’s primary school, where the teacher caught him sleeping during class. Rather than punishing and embarrassing him in front of the entire class as we would have imagined, the teacher took the time to understand why he was so lethargic in class. More often than not, being able to understand the reasons behind each child’s issues or weaknesses is probably a crucial process in helping with his/her academic advancements. And this was something I had not paid much attention to. Rather, I was more concerned about the school’s curriculum and past track record.

As the saying goes, “ A good school is made from having good teachers”. Only when teachers care for their students’ well-being would they be able to build a bond and positively affect the children’s academic advancement. Ultimately, you would want a happier and healthier child regardless of type of school and teachers and us as parents play the ultimate roles in shaping their future.

So Where Did My Child Go?

My child has started her primary school education in a government school since the start of this year. It has been pretty good so far! Excited to share what she did in school everyday, she wouldn’t stop until its nearly bedtime. As always, both my husband and I would just listen and smile till either one of us doze off.