As a parent, I do think that it is very thoughtful and sweet for a school to want to remind their students of their self worth regardless of grades. However, I would think that this should be a parent’s responsibility too, to ensure that your child is not brought up with the mindset that their grades would determine their worth and life. When I was a little girl, I was always told by my parents and the adults around me that if I don’t get good grades, I would end up as a road sweeper. I do believe that statement to be very untrue now that I am an adult.

It is much better to have a skill. It is of course an added bonus if that skill that you have is also a passion, which in many cases, it usually is. The fact is that humans love doing the things they are good at. No brainer right there. We should encourage our young to think of life being more than just grades or test marks. Those numbers only signify how much we know of the school books and syllabus but indicated nothing on how much we can achieve.

Whenever I read news of young students killing themselves over test marks and examination results, it saddens me. It is sad because these people could have had a bright future despite those below C-level results. As Singapore’s education gets more and more competitive each day, it is crucial that we, parents are there to remind our children that grades are just a number.