“Opinionated” refers to one who holds to and expresses strong personal beliefs or judgments on many things.

When one has a child who is opinionated, I would say it has its pros and cons. Yes, it would be difficult to correct a child who quickly forms firm opinions and judgments about many things and feels so strongly about them. But forming opinions shows that one is thinking!

On the other hand, “stubborn” connotes negativity and no one would use it to describe a beneficial trait. How then, can we correct a child who is “stubborn”?

First and foremost, we must listen. What is it that our child holds on so tightly to, and why? By asking and listening to their thoughts and justifications for these opinions, we can understand our child and provide them with the necessary assistance.



Let’s imagine a scenario. Your child strongly believes that if he were to keep watering the plant, the plant will grow faster. We don’t need to be endowed with a green thumb to know that too much water will not make the plant grow faster; instead, over-watering the plant will cause it to wilt. Instead of getting frustrated telling your child to no avail that he is wrong, you can conduct an experiment together with him. Let him water his plant as much water as he wants and you will water your plant with the right amount of water. After a few days, the difference between the two plants will be pretty obvious. This way, you will help him to see for himself his mistaken belief.

True, you wouldn’t be able to correct most of your child’s mistaken judgments by simply using experiments like this.

But perhaps it is good to know that you do not always have to correct your child’s opinion. It is a positive thing that your child is able to think boldly and is not simply allowing himself to be told what to think.

There are always reasons and stories behind the opinions we hold onto. An opinionated child is simply showing you the way they look at things and as parents, we do our best to lead and nurture them to have a positive and correct mind-set.