5 Tips to Managing Tween Anger

Dec 13, 2017 4:02:00 PM

Taking care of a child is a very rewarding job. Also, bonding with them makes you feel good, comfortable and relaxed. They are very silly and fun to be with, that’s why you instan...

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Ease Your Child Back to School

Dec 13, 2017 4:02:00 PM

Only a few weeks left before the new school semester starts officially. A common problem that most children would face is getting back to the school routine. If your child is feel...

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9 Tips to Raising Successful Children

Dec 7, 2017 4:02:26 PM

Ever wondered how Bill Gates became that successful? How about Steve Jobs? Mark Zuckerberg? The founder of KFC? Ever wondered how their philosophies in life became very successful...

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Teaching Our Children Empathy

Aug 21, 2017 2:21:00 AM

When I was in primary school, we received letter grades for character, such as “Kindness,” “Helpfulness,” and “Behavior.” On the bus ride home one day, the girl next to me took one...

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1. Introduce vegetables to your children when they are young

Most children do not like vegetables because of the taste and texture. However, there are many ways to encourage kids to...

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As a parent of two or more young children, you constantly clean up after, scold, praise or bathe one or the other. Some days, the never-ending running around after them can drive y...

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Making Friends In Primary School

Jul 3, 2017 4:16:00 AM

Making friends is an important part of primary school. Belonging to a group can help children feel included and learn important social skills, like sharing and taking turns.

While m...

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1. Praise Them in Ways Big and Small


Recognize work at home, display good work on the fridge or wall and send positive notes home to them. Hold weekly awards in your home and alway...

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Examination periods can get pretty stressful for children and they parents. In Singapore, where competition for good grades is a social norm, this can sometimes adversely affect a ...

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Do your kids drive you crazy? If you were asked to describe them, after saying, "He’s a good kid, but…" would you use words like “defiant,” “whiny,” “unmotivated,” “disrespectful,”...

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4 Tips To Manage The Stress Monster

May 8, 2017 1:11:00 AM

Parenting is never an easy job and sometimes the stress monster comes for a visit. As a parent myself, I know how difficult it is to be stress free at all times yet it is completel...

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Stop and think for a moment: When your child or teen is in the throes of a tantrum or an all-out rage, what is your initial reaction? Do you get angry yourself and start yelling, d...

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Stay Healthy, Be A Superkid

Apr 30, 2017 2:02:00 AM

As a young person, if you start doing small things every day that keep your body healthy, you have a better chance of living a longer, happier and healthier life.

The things that yo...

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Broken Heart Syndrome, A Real Thing

Apr 27, 2017 1:50:00 AM

When I was a little girl, there was a phrase I hear often.

“You are breaking my heart.”

In my teenage years, I would be told by girlfriends, “My heart is broken.” Or “He broke my hea...

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Do You Have A Negative Child?

Apr 17, 2017 1:52:00 AM

Let’s face it, “No” gets a reaction. Kids thrive on the connection they have with you, and if a child is always negative, they will usually get a reaction from their parents. As od...

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What Is Your Parenting Style?

Apr 15, 2017 2:08:00 AM

Authoritarian Parenting

Authoritarian parenting is where parents establish the rules and expect that children will follow them without exception. Children have little to no involvem...

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Why Do Children Lie?

Mar 4, 2017 12:52:00 PM


At some point in time, our children will start telling lies. Usually it stems from fear. Although lying is always discouraged, it is important to understand the reasons a lie was ...

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Do You Have An Opinionated Child?

Feb 26, 2017 1:11:00 AM


“Opinionated” refers to one who holds to and expresses strong personal beliefs or judgments on many things.

When one has a child who is opinionated, I would say it has its pros and...

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Sleepless Nights Over HA And MA

Feb 17, 2017 2:04:00 PM

My son received the high achievers award when he was in Primary 1. When it came to Primary 2, I optimistically presumed that smartness was in his genes and he would be able to main...

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