Examination periods can get pretty stressful for children and they parents. In Singapore, where competition for good grades is a social norm, this can sometimes adversely affect a child. So we at Superkids would like to share with fellow parents, on how to handle the examination period without driving your child (or yourself) up the wall!

5 Things To Remember & Do!

1) Get The Dates Right!

It is important to know all the dates of their examination and what subject is being tested on which day. This will help you and your child to prioritize the revision schedule leading up to the examination and knowing which subject to focus on the day before each paper is being sat for.

2) Know What Is Going To Be Tested.

Knowing what topics are included in the exam will help tremendously. Once you know what your child will be tested on, you can better plan a comprehensive revision programme together.

3) Identify Areas Of Weakness & Strengths

This is important in helping you develop an effective game plan. Ensure that your child gets to work his intellectual muscles in all aspects of the subject. However, while you do need to spend more time on revising his weaker areas, you should not neglect giving him practice time on his strengths.

4) Set REALISTIC Goals & Targets

As the saying goes, “Mama knows best!”. Parents know their child and what they are capable of. Be realistic! I know you want your child to aim for the sky but sometimes, setting unrealistically high expectations can backfire and lead to more stress for your child. Instead of helping, this might hinder them.

5) Be Encouraging

Parents can actually be the greatest cheerleaders for their children. Be encouraging but never pushy.

Lets not let the examination fever burn us out!