7 Ways To Teach Your Child Basic Money Management Skills

Did you know that in 2015, the Straits Times Business section reported that over 85,352 Singapore consumers have overdue unsecured debt totalling $288.4m? And the number keeps increasing every year. There’s clearly a problem with the way we manage our money. That being said, it’s a wonder why good money management skills aren’t being taught in schools...


Why Do Children Lie?

At some point in time, our children will start telling lies. Usually it stems from fear. Although lying is always discouraged, it is important to understand the reasons a lie was told....So why do they lie?


Do You Have An Opinionated Child?

“Opinionated” refers to one who holds to and expresses strong personal beliefs or judgments on many things.When one has a child who is opinionated, I would say it has its pros and cons. Yes, it would be difficult to correct a child who quickly forms firm opinions and judgments about many things and feels so strongly about them. But....


The Various Ways Of Learning

From the moment they are born, children begin learning. Their minds, like blank canvases start to fill up with things we teach them and things they learn from exploring the environment. Once they are old enough, they start going to school and begin their formal education. In order to ensure our children get the most out of what they learn in school, it is important for us to recognize that there are various styles of learning and it can vary from one child to another..


Sleepless Nights Over HA And MA

2/11/2016 1:21 PM

My son received the high achievers award when he was in Primary 1. When it came to Primary 2, I optimistically presumed that smartness was in his genes and he would be able to maintain his grades. I had hopes of him getting into a High Achievers (HA) Class during the Primary 2 streaming and thought it would be a piece of cake since the school streams students into High Achievers and Mixed Ability (MA) classes based on the students’ grades....


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